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At Hiraya Branding, we blend creativity and strategic insight to craft unique personal brand stories. Delving deep into the essence of your mission, we transform your vision into a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience. Our approach goes beyond conventional branding – it's about creating a movement, enhancing women's voices in business, and turning visions into legacies. Experience the transformative power of a brand shaped by Hiraya Branding, where your story becomes the heart of your success.

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Transformative Influence: Your New Reality

At Hiraya Branding, we understand that your personal brand is more than just a professional facade; it's a reflection of your unique journey and values. Your reputation, built over time, is a powerful asset that, when aligned with a strong personal brand, can open doors to unparalleled opportunities.

We guide you in intentionally shaping this brand, ensuring it's a true representation of your strengths and aspirations. Our strategic approach not only enhances your visibility but also connects you with the right audience, empowering you to become an authoritative voice in your field.


Enhancing your brand's visibility involves elevating its presence in the marketplace. This means increasing recognition and awareness among your target audience, ensuring that your brand is not only seen but also remembered and preferred.


Growth focuses on expanding your brand's reach and influence. This encompasses increasing your client base, scaling business operations, and exploring new markets or opportunities for expansion, ultimately leading to sustainable business development.


Impact refers to the lasting effect your brand has on your audience and industry. It's about making a meaningful difference, whether through innovative services, contributing to societal change, or influencing industry trends, ensuring that your brand leaves a significant and positive legacy.

Create Your Personal Brand Strategy

At Hiraya Branding, we understand that personal branding strategies should reflect your unique personality and goals.

For building credibility, you might consider features in magazines, public speaking at platforms like TEDx, or authoring a book.

To enhance visibility, engaging in social media, starting a podcast, or networking at high-profile events can be effective.

We tailor our strategies to fit you perfectly, aligning with your personality and what feels authentic to you. Our approach is personalised, ensuring that each step in building your brand feels right and brings you closer to your goals.

The IAM framework of Hiraya Branding is a meticulously designed method that holistically enhances your brand.

It encompasses three key pillars:


We start by diving deep into the core of what makes you unique, shaping a brand identity that authentically represents your values and story.


With your identity in place, our focus shifts to attracting your ideal audience. We employ strategies that resonate with your target market, ensuring your brand connects meaningfully.


Finally, we strategise on turning this enhanced brand presence into profitable opportunities, aligning your business goals with revenue-generating activities.

Exciting Announcement!

We're thrilled to unveil the countdown to the launch of the "Hiraya Women's Impact Circle" podcast! ⏳✨

📅 Save the Date: January 30, 2024 🕤 Time: 9:30 AM (UK Time)

Join us in the final countdown to the premiere! 🎉

Join us as we celebrate the voices of inspiring women who have carved their path in the business world. It's a podcast that goes beyond the ordinary—sharing experiences, challenges, and triumphs that will resonate with every entrepreneur.


Strategy Sessions

The sessions are structured to maximise efficiency and effectiveness, enabling you to make significant progress in the shortest time possible. This focused approach allows for deep dives into specific branding elements, ensuring that every aspect of your brand receives the attention it deserves.

Whether you're refining your brand message, developing a marketing strategy, or enhancing your online presence, these sessions are crafted to address your unique needs and goals.

1-on-1 Coaching

Your brand strategist not only provides valuable strategic insights but also plays a vital role in ensuring that you remain aligned with your objectives. Their guidance is instrumental in helping you navigate challenges and stay on track with your business goals.

This partnership is key to maintaining momentum and achieving long-term success in your endeavours.

Group Mentoring and Coaching

This program offers specialised coaching and mentorship to help you craft your ideal personal brand. We focus on providing quality attention to each participant, which means we limit the number of spots available.

Currently, our program is at capacity. Stay tuned for the next cohort!

Hiraya Branding is here to support ambitious women entrepreneurs in building authentic personal brands.

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